Couch Coop With Cards

A cooperative card game that’s easy to learn and has loads of depth. The game is a throwback to old school video games and is filled with references to adventure games like Zelda.

Inside the Box

Inside the box you will receive 223 cards. Which includes 4 different level decks, 6 character cards, 55 items and weapons and 30 mini heart cards. Lastly there is one die that helps decide the fate of the player.



No two games of To the Farthest Point will be the same. Randomized levels and items will ensure that you have a different experience everytime. The gameplay can best be described as a rogue-like with cards.

icon_itemsPlay Differently

In one game you could be a thief stealing from shops and bosses, in another you could be a navigator avoiding traps and securing treasure. Every item you obtain will change your playstyle and strategies.

icon_bossUnique Battling

To the Farthest Point features a battling system that keeps gameplay intense. There are approximately 40 Bosses and Creatures in the game. That includes 5 unique Final Bosses. It will take many playthroughs to fight every boss and creature.